Philanthropy: WenLen UK Ltd

We practice social responsibility by donating to national and local charities. Businesses have a lot of resources that can benefit charities and local community programs.

WenLen UK Ltd has partnered with two organisations the community school Education Promoters and Healthpage Liberia NGO.

Education Promoters School

WenLen UK Ltd has partnered with the community school Education Promoters in Liberia to help with the extension of the school.

This school will be accessible to about 2,000 which will also include the community dwellers. This extension is crucial to the development of the community that has increased over the years. WenLen UK Ltd visited the community school at the beginning of the year and met with the Administrator of the school Mr Francis Freeman, the Principle Mrs Esther Andrews and other key members of the school. The foundation is already in progress however support is needed for the completion. We are requesting either donations in kind from a list of building materials listed or financial donations.

Healthpage Liberia NGO

Ms. Charlesetta Nougbode-Williams, is the Founder/CEO of Healthpage Liberia, Inc. She has a wealth of experience in social work both in the USA and Africa. Healthpage Liberia, Inc. has served the Vulnerable Medical Fragile children with over 200 children served with various medical and disabled problems seeking medical care outside Liberia due to Liberia's continuous Post War Medical Incapability. We continue to support the residents of the day care centre.

On behalf of WenLen UK Ltd, Educational Promoters and Healthpage Liberia Inc we say thank you for your support.

WenLen UK Ltd - Community Projects - Liberia

WenLen Export Inc

My trip to Grand Bassa County, Liberia, West Africa led me to a 21-year-old young woman called Pinky Joe. Pinky had given birth to quadruplets in a very distant town called Zangar town. She gave birth at home. Unfortunately one of the babies died. Pinky and the other three babies are unwell. We desperately need milk for the babies and food for the mother. They are all malnourished. Anyone who can donate towards this young lady can either contact me via inbox or you can contact Mrs Charlesetta Nougbode-Williams in Liberia who is in direct contact with the family. We managed to get the mom and babies to Monrovia for medical check up and the babies have been immunised. We do not need any clothing only food for the mom and babies. Thank you in advance for any help which can be given. Special thanks to the Rep Hon. Matthew Joe of district # 3 Buchanan, his Chief of staff Mr James Smith, Mrs Sylvestine Payne-gbessagee and not forgetting Healthpage Liberia CEO Mrs Charlesetta Nougbode-Williams who is hosting the family and is making sure that they are properly looked after. Story

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