PayGlobal - Money Transfer Service

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PayGlobal - Money Transfer Service

Experience a new world of money transfer with cheaper rates, best thing to
happen in world money transfer. Send money from UK to Liberia and Ghana.
PayGlobal is the African-owned competitor to Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria, etc. It sits on a platform developed by a Ghanaian company. We humbly ask Liberians in the UK to patronize this product. The pay-out point in Liberia is GN Bank.

I am pleased to be an agent for Liberia here in the UK for PayGlobal. For more information you can inbox me on We will also be visiting communities around the UK in the coming weeks on our service.

You can request a community visit through

We have branches in Liberia as follows:

Main Branch - Broad Street
Sinkor Branch - Sinkor - 16th Street
Paynesville Branch - Red-light
Duala Branch - Duala market
Clara Town Branch - Clara Town
Kakata Branch - Kakata
Buchanan Branch - Buchanan City
Ganta branch - Ganta City
Sinoe Branch - Sinoe City
Randall Street - Randall Street.

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With PayGlobal you can transfer money from the agent Lena Marshall in the UK to Liberia. GN Bank has opened its 14th branch in Liberia. GN Bank-Liberia
Opens Branch in Kakata City

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GN Bank-Liberia Opens Branch in Kakata City

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Lena Marsall - PayGlobal Agent in the UK with the President & Chairman of Groupe Nduom (GN)- Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom

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With the President & Chairman of Groupe Nduom (GN)- Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom & Mrs Yvonne Nduom (Vice-President of Groupe Nduom)

Groupe Nduom Inaugurates TV station in UK

[Feel free to contact me on I look forward to hearing from you.]

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