The Scope of our Business Speciality 

Traditionally, a procurement company would concentrate its business on the middle sector – supplying products to the hotel industry.
WenLen UK LTD Hospitality Procurement has responded to its customer requirements.

WenLen Traditional Hospitality Procurement catering to hotel department requirements:

  • Kitchen
  • Food & beverage
  • Housekeeping
  • Banqueting
  • Maintenance and Gardening
  • Security

 WenLen UK LTD Hospitality Procurement offers a sourcing, procurement and transportation management service to the hospitality industry, encompassing:

  • Sourcing goods, wherever possible directly from the manufacturer, and hence, reducing the cost of your goods.
  • Procuring or purchasing the goods on your behalf, often done with an escrow account as this ensures quicker delivery of your goods.
  • Arranging road, sea and airfreight transportation.
  • Attending to mandatory documentation for export and import.
  • Keeping you informed as to the progress of your shipment.

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