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We are a UK based Company providing a service to procure items for various industries. We aim to provide quality goods and services and great value for money to our customers at very competitive prices.  

Please browse our website and contact us with any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have a great team who will be very happy to meet your requirements. If you need a service which you do not see on our website, please contact us.

About WenLen Export Inc.

WenLen Export Inc


Our goal is to ensure that Quality products reaches out to a global market. 

Air Freight

The advantages of air freight.

Air freight is the quickest method to move your goods by far; an eight hour flight can take up to eight days by sea. When you absolutely have to get your goods somewhere asap, always choose air freight.

Sea Freight 

WenLen Export Inc. offers a fantastic price on our sea freight services. Sea freight may not be as fast as air freight, but what you lose in speed you more than make up for in cost effectiveness. The tax, insurance and general fee are substantially cheaper, getting you more miles for your money.

Additional Services

Consultancy Services - Exporting from Africa to the EU / USA Markets. See (Smallstarter)
Food and Hygiene Courses for Suppliers

We're here to help

Like with all our services, we're happy to handle all of the documentation you need, including all the administrative work and insurance requirements. Contact us today for more information or speak to a member of our friendly team about what we can offer you. Contact Us